AbuJaniBinaryWelcome to the homepage of the Mushtaq Ahmad Mirza Project. I started this project with one goal in mind, how does one recreate the experience of interacting with a person who is now deceased. Especially in this day and age where a large amount of our inter-personal interactions are stored via electronic means. This makes it possible to not just capture detailed information about a person but also use it to simulate interaction with a deceased person. My motivation for this project is very personal. My father passed away before my daughter was born. This project is thus also a way for me to give her a chance to interact with her grandfather. Just because he is not with us any more does not mean that she cannot interact with him.

As a starting point you can read my paper from the AltChi track of the HCI (Human Computer Interaction) conference from 2016. If you are interested I will be posting new papers and some code soon, be sure to check back periodically.